Vice: Project Doom

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Vice: Project Doom
Developer Aicom
Publisher Sammy (NES)
Nintendo (NSW)
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan April 26, 1991
USA November 15, 1991
Europe August 21, 2019 (NSO)
Genre Action
Mode(s) 1 player
Nintendo Switch:

Vice: Project Doom (known in Japan as Gun-Dec) is an action game, originally developed by Aicom and published by Sammy in 1991 for Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, players control an office agent named Quinn Hart in many situations of high-tension action, such as driving and platforming. During platforming scenes, Hart can use a laser whip to defeat his enemies that can be encountered around the game by pressing the B button on the NES controller. Additionally, Hart can use a .44 gun and grenades, providing he has enough dedicated ammo for both. In the driving scenes, Hart can drive on highways and shoot energy bullets with the B button. His car can be sped up by pressing A (up to three ranges), although colliding with enemies or in the corners can cost him his P meter.

Since 2005, Sega has acquired the rights of most intellectual proprieties from Sammy which does not hail from Pachinko and Pachislot machines, which in turn, makes Vice: Project Doom a game owned by Sega. The Sega copyright line for the game debuted back in 2012 through episode 144 of Game Center CX, where the game was featured as the main segment.

Sega also licensed Vice: Project Doom for Nintendo to be featured on Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, being released on August 21, 2019, for people outside Japan plus Hong Kong and July 15, 2020, for people inside Japan plus Hong Kong.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガンデック
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