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Example video - Showing an example video file.
Play video
File infoMedia:Example.ogv
Example audio - Showing an example audio file.
File infoMedia:Example.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?


This template is used for organizing media files on pages. The table above is produced by the following syntax:

{{media table
|title1=Example video
|description1=Showing an example video file.
|title2=Example audio
|description2=Showing an example audio file.


The following parameters may be defined when using the template (replace X with a number):

  • fileX - The filename, excluding the "File:" prefix. So for the file at "File:Example.oga", this parameter would be defined as "Example.oga".
  • titleX - The title of the file that will be used in the table; automatically appears in bold.
  • descriptionX - A short description of the file that will appear after the title.
  • lengthX - The file duration, in M:SS format.

Note that for all the values, additional files can be added to the list by incrementing the parameter number.