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M&S episode infobox
List of episodes


This template is used specifically for Story Mode episodes in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

|title= By default, this is not necessary, as it automatically uses the article title. In certain cases, such as if an identifier is used in the article title, this can be manually specified.
|image= A screenshot from one of the episode's cutscenes
|number= Inserts the episode number, e.g. Mario Episode 1
|characters= Indicates the class of characters used in the events of the episode, e.g. Heroes
|plot= Used for the short in-game plot summary text, e.g. Mario and Luigi arrive at the stadium only to find it shrouded in a strange blue fog.
|location= The location where the episode takes place in
|before[1-3]= The preceding episode(s); e.g. |before1=[[Stadium Blues|<<]]
|after[1-4]= The following episode(s); e.g. |after1=[[Foggy Foes|<<]]
{{M&S episode infobox