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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (known in Japan as Super Famicom, sometimes called SNES, Super NES, S-NES, SuFami or SFC) is a fourth-generation video game console made by Nintendo and released in 1990, shortly after the Game Boy.

Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 as the true successor of the SNES in 1996.

Sega support[edit]

Due to a pre-built competition with the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16, Sega decided to not support the SNES on their own. Although in 1999, when the Super Famicom was still thriving in Japan, Sega allowed Media Factory to release a port of Columns for the system developed by Marigul. After the official retirement of the all Super Famicom library in 2000 with Metal Slader Glory: Director's Cut, Sega owned the rights to certain Puyo Puyo games owned by Compile in 2001.

Sammy also released several games on the SNES starting from 1992, previous to their consumer R&D merging with Sega in 2005. The rights of all Sammy games are owned by Sega since then.

Technosoft also developed a port of Thunder Force AC for the SNES, called Thunder Spirits. It was ported to the system and scraps all mentions of Sega from the Arcade original.

List of Sega games featured on SNES[edit]

Sega IPs[edit]

Sammy IPs[edit]

In addition, Survival Arts was meant to get a SNES version in the 90s, but for unknown reasons, Sammy canceled the development, leaving it unreleased.

Technosoft IPs[edit]

  • Thunder Spirits (1990, development, published by Seika in the US and Toshiba EMI in Japan)

List of Sega-compatible hardware shared with the SNES[edit]

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーファミコン
Suupaa Famicon
Super Famicom
Japanese version of the system
Korean 슈퍼 컴보이
Syupeo Keomboi
Super Comboy
Korean version released by Hyundai

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