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The Sharp X1 (sometimes called X1, not to be confused with XOne) is a series of Japanese personal computers made by Sharp in the 80s. The first model to be released was the CZ-800C in 1982, with the CZ-888C model from the X1turboZ sub-series being the last, released in 1988. A hybrid version of the computer, the X1 twin (known as CZ-830C), had a standard PC Engine video game built-in as well, although limited to play HuCARDs only.

The X1 series was succeeded by the Sharp X68000 computer in 1987.

Sega support[edit]

Sega did not support directly the Sharp X1 series due to their rivalry with the SC-3000, but allowed Micronet to port their Arcade games for the Sharp X1 series. Dempa also published a port of Space Harrier for Sharp X1turbo PCs made by Micomsoft.

Technosoft (at the time, Tecno Soft) also released several games on the X1 series of PCs. Since 2016, Sega owns Technosoft's full game library from Twenty-One (previous owner of Technosoft), as announced on Tokyo Game Show 2016.

List of Sega games featured on Sharp X1 series[edit]

For a list of PC Engine games that can be playable on X1 twin, please see its respective section on the TurboGrafx-16 article.

Sega IPs[edit]

Technosoft IPs[edit]

List of Sega-compatible hardware shared with Sharp X1 series[edit]