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The Nintendo 64 (sometimes called N64, stylized as NINTENDO64 in Japan) is a video game console made by Silicon Graphics and released by Nintendo in 1996.

Sega did not support directly the Nintendo 64 due to rivaling Nintendo in the console market at the time, with the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast during the Nintendo 64's lifespan. However, Sega was credited in Puyo Puyo~n Party, which was developed and published by Compile. At the time, Sega owned the rights to all characters featured in Puyo Puyo series. After Compile sold all the rights of Puyo Puyo (but not Madou Monogatari series) games, Sega obtained the rights of Puyo Puyo SUN 64[1] as well, although no re-releases of such version were made since their original debut on the system by Compile themselves.

Sammy's canceled Viewpoint sequel, Viewpoint 2064, was meant to be released on Nintendo 64, but it is unknown if Sega owns the unreleased material, including the development rights of unfinished builds of the game.

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