Magical Puzzle Popils

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Magical Puzzle Popils
Developer Tengen
Publisher Tengen
Platform(s) Sega Game Gear
Release date Japan March 7, 1991
USA 1992
Europe October 1, 1992
Genre Puzzle
Mode(s) 1 player
Sega Game Gear:
ROM Cartridge
Sega Game Gear:
D button

Magical Puzzle Popils (known as Popils: The Blockbusting Challenge in Europe) is a puzzle game, developed and published by Tengen for Sega Game Gear in 1991. It focuses on rescuing the Princess through many puzzle situations by a sorcerer named Popils. Such puzzles may include deadly enemies, such as slimes, bats and spikes. It also includes a level editor, where players can create their own puzzles and save them thanks to a battery-powered SRAM.

The game was directed by Fujio Mitsuki, who worked on multiple Taito games, such as Bubble Bobble. According to the programmer Jun Amanai, Magical Puzzle Popils was originally meant to be released on the Famicom, but for unknown reasons, it was cancelled. Then, Popils' main development moved to PC Engine, where Tengen promised to deliver several titles to the system, but aside of Klax, all their other projects, including Popils, was cancelled. Instead, Tengen brought the game to Game Gear and it was not re-released since after.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジカルパズル・ポピルズ
Mazikaru Pazuru Popiruzu
Magical Puzzle Popils
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