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The MSX is a hardware standard made between Microsoft (for MSX BASIC counterpart) and ASCII Corporation (hardware specifications), released in 1983 and manufactured by many companies around the world (the most notable brands, National / Panasonic and Sony). As the system was discontinued over the years, all rights and trademarks handled by ASCII Corporation related to MSX were transferred to the original creator, Kazuhiko Nishi, who also is the CEO of MSX Licensing Corporation. Notably, the Mitsubishi ML-8000 is the first MSX computer ever released by October 1983, ending with the Panasonic FS-A1GT MSXturboR computer in December 1991.

Sega did not support directly the MSX standard, due to an overflood of 8-bit personal computers in Japan, as well as the sales of their own 8-bit PC, the SC-3000. However, Sega allowed third-party companies to port their Arcade and SG-1000 games to MSX. Many SG-1000 ports for MSX remained exclusive to Japan.

List of Sega games featured on MSX systems[edit]

Sega IPs[edit]



All games are exclusive to the Japanese market.

Technosoft IPs[edit]

All Technosoft-published games are exclusive to the Japanese market. Sega bought Technosoft's entire game library from Twenty-One in 2016.



List of Sega-compatible hardware shared with MSX systems[edit]