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The Game Boy (sometimes called GB) is a handheld game console made by Nintendo and released in 1989. The Game Boy Color, is an update to the system, also released by Nintendo, in 1998, featuring a color LCD screen and twice the CPU speed.

Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance as the true successor of the 8-bit Game Boy series in 2001.

Sega support[edit]

Sega did not support the Game Boy due to their rivalry with the Sega Game Gear, although Sega allowed third-party companies to do ports of their games to the system. Sega was also credited on several Puyo Puyo games and later, owned the rights to these games since then.

On Game Boy Color, initially, Sega did not support the handheld due to their alliance with SNK. This alliance made certain Neo Geo Pocket Color games to do interactions with Sega Dreamcast games by SNK through the Neo Geo Pocket/Dreamcast Setsuzoku Cable. However, a Sakura Taisen game and a Columns entry, both handled by Media Factory, were also released, alongside the mentions of Sega in several Puyo Puyo games. Sega did support the Game Boy Color officially in 2001 by releasing Sakura Taisen GB2: Thunderbolt Sakusen, being their only game released on the system. Sega dropped the Game Boy Color support in favor of Game Boy Advance, also in the same year.

Sammy also released several games on the original Game Boy, previously to their consumer R&D merging with Sega in 2005. Since then, the rights of all Sammy games are owned by Sega. Sammy opted to not support the Game Boy Color and rather, gave preference to support the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color instead, although Sammy supported the Game Boy Advance only in 2002.

List of Sega games featured on Game Boy[edit]

Sega IPs[edit]

Sammy IPs[edit]

List of Sega games featured on Game Boy Color[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲームボーイ
Geemu Booi
Geemu Booi Karaa
Suupaa Geemu Booi
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Super Game Boy
Korean 미니컴보이
Mini Keomboi
Mini Comboy
Korean version released by Hyundai

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