GG Aleste 3

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GG Aleste 3
Developer M2
Publisher M2
Platform(s) Sega Game Gear
Release date Japan December 24, 2020
Genre Shooting
CERO:CERO A.svg - All ages
Mode(s) 1 player
Sega Game Gear:
ROM Cartridge
Sega Game Gear:
D button
Previous title Power Strike II (Game Gear, 1993)
Next title Senjin Aleste (Arcade, 2021)

GG Aleste 3 (sometimes featuring the Last Messiah as a subtitle) is a shooting game, developed and published by M2 in 2020 as part of Aleste Collection for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Game Gear Micro White. Programmed as a game for Sega Game Gear, it is a new title in the Aleste series since Power Strike II / GG Aleste II: Lance Bird, which was also the most recent title in the series after Compile stopped releasing new entries in the franchise. This is also the first Aleste game ever released after M2 bought the series' rights from the hands of D4 Enterprise.

In this game, players take control over Lluna Wizn, a new character who debuted for the game, piloting the last Aleste spaceship (known as Arc Savior) survived in a fight against space terrorists, who seized many resources from Earth. Just like Power Strike II, this Aleste spaceship can be powered by collecting P Capsules from item carriers, who fly around the stage downwards. Lluna can also use sub-weapons, by collecting panels named A (All Range), C (Chain Chaser), D (Defense Bit), F (Firewall), R (Rising Laser), and T (Turret Gun). The default sub-weapon is A.

While the game was demonstrated that it could run on real hardware through dedicated live streams, M2 made a programming routine for GG Aleste 3 that did not allow the game to run outside of Aleste Collection or Game Gear Micro. This prevented the game to run in the real system, as well on unofficial emulators. Despite this, such routine was been defeated by someone else in July 2023, which allows the game to run on a real Game Gear and unofficial emulators. According to Naoki Horii, this method was done because he and M2 originally wanted to sell GG Aleste 3 as a game inside a Game Gear cartridge, but due to unknown circumstances at the time, it was not possible to do such physical run, so, such routine was added to the game. While the circumstances are not actually known, one can imply the financial difficulties caused by COVID-19 across the world, as well the fact that very few Game Gear units are in their full working conditions worldwide, can be the reasons why GG Aleste 3 never had a proper physical release outside of Aleste Collection.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese GGアレスタ3
GG Aresuta 3
GG Aleste 3

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