Dream Equestrian

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Dream Equestrian
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)
Info In this event, teams race wagons to avoid dropping eggs and compete to reach the goal in the fastest time.
Controls Move left/right: Tilt Wii Remote
Speed up: Swing Wii Remote
Jump: Two Button

Dream Equestrian is a Dream Event that appears exclusively in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It takes place in Moo Moo Meadows from Mario Kart Wii. Dream Equestrian involves each player riding on a horse, with the objective being to reach the goal within the quickest possible time while keeping seven Yoshi Eggs safe in a wagon dragged by the horses. The Yoshi Eggs are colored White, Black, Pink, Yellow, Light-Blue, Blue, and Red respectively. If there are multiple teams, they go one after another. The starting Olympic Record is held by Team Peach at 1 minute 55.724 seconds.


Before the event starts, Kamek flies over the course. He pulls out a telescope and spots Toad at the goal line wanting some Yoshi Eggs. Then, Kamek spots the players on their horses at the starting line, and he then sets out to intervene.

Course layout[edit]

The characters narrowly avoid a Monty Mole

After the team is introduced and the introduction is shown or skipped, the team starts going. At the start of the track, Kamek appears but does nothing but shakes his wand and the team takes a turn to the left. After the first Dash Panel, there is a turn to the right with Moo Moos on the sides and a Dash Panel at the end. Then there is a bridge where the player needs to jump with Two Button when the word "Jump!" appears after a countdown from three, otherwise the team loses a Yoshi Egg. This is followed by a Dash Panel and very slight right turn and a slight turn to the left. After another Dash Panel, there is a sharp turn to the right. After a left turn is another Dash Panel followed by a slight right turn. Here Monty Moles start to move underground and jump out of a hole and do this three times while the player takes a left. After a right with two Moo Moos, Kamek starts casting magic on four hay bales causing them to catch on fire and roll down hill. After a left turn, the team goes down hill while avoiding burning hay bales cast down by Kamek's magic twice. This is the first time the camera goes in front of the team. After the camera goes back behind the team, the team enters a cave where Kamek shots down stalactites which the team needs to avoid. After doing this a total of three times, Kamek tries to bring the cave down on the team, but they are able to escape through a waterfall by jumping when the word "Jump!" appears after a count down. If the team doesn't jump, they lose an egg. After jumping, the camera shows the front side. Soon after, a Chain Chomp appears and disrupts the balance of the team three times by tearing up the stone bridge. To regain balance, the team must either tilt left or right, depending on what is shown or lose an egg each time. After the three tilts, the team needs to shake up and down ten times in order to jump a short straight distance away from the goal line without losing an egg.




  • Move left/right: Tilt Wii Remote
  • Speed up: Swing Wii Remote
  • Jump: Two Button
  • Avoid obstacles and balance the wagon so you don't drop any eggs.


  • Action slows down if the wagon gets caught on a Monty Mole hole. An egg will drop if you don't react in time.
  • When the action slows, everyone follow the guides and tilt the Wii Remote together to maintain balance.
  • It's a good idea to call out to each other and cooperate when controlling movement and speed.


The Veteran Rider challenge is achieved by reaching the goal with all eggs a number of times in this event. The criteria for unlocking each achievement are as follows:

  • Lv. 1- Reach the finish line without breaking any eggs
  • Lv. 2- Finish 3 times without breaking any eggs
  • Lv. 3- Finish 5 times without breaking any eggs

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリーム馬術
Dorīmu Bajutsu
Dream Equestrian
Dutch Droompaardensport Dream Equestrian
French Équitation Rêve Dream Riding
German Springreiten (Traum) Show Jumping (Dream)
Italian Equitazione Sogno Riding Dream
Spanish Hípica Fantasía Equestrian Fantasy