Cheer Up Thwomp!

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Cheer Up Thwomp!

Peach blowing a heart at Thwomp
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Playable character(s) Princess Peach
Info "Hit Thwomp with hearts when its eyes are open. Stop when they close, or it'll get mad!"
Controls Microphone: Blow a heart at Thwomp
Time limit 60 seconds

Cheer Up Thwomp! is a mini-game featured in the Adventure Tours mode in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo DS. It features Princess Peach in their team.

In Frostown, there is a Thwomp blocking Mario and Sonic's way. If Peach is in the team, Toad suggests that she help lighten the Thwomp's mood so that he can be out of their way. Peach agrees to this, and this minigame starts.


To win the minigame, the player has to fill the heart meter within the time limit, which is 60 seconds. To do so, they must blow into the Microphone to make Peach's hearts hit Thwomp. However, Thwomp must be hit when his eyes are open or the energy in the heart meter decreases. When the heart meter is almost full, wind blows in the opposite direction of the heart's path, serving as an obstacle.