Camera Badnik

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Camera Badnik
Camera Bandik.png
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
First appearance Sonic the Comic Issue 116 (1997)
Variant of Badnik

The Camera Badnik is a Badnik who appears in Sonic the Comic Issue 116. It is a camera and bat-based Badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik.


The Camera Badnik was designed for Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Grimer to spy on Sonic and Tails while they were fighting a group of Batbrains. After Sonic swiftly destroys all the Batbrains, Tails notices the Camera Badnik and tells Sonic that he missed a Badnik, with them also noting how it looks weird and that it could possibly be spying on them. Unfortunately, the Camera Badnik would quickly be destroyed by Sonic, causing it to lose its signal.

General information[edit]


The Camera Badnik is a robot that heavily resembles a grey spherical camera. Additionally, the Camera Badnik also sprouts bat wings very similar to the ones seen on Batbrains.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Unlike most Badniks, the Camera Badnik was not made for the purposes of fighting and rather is used to secretly spy on people from a long distance (which can be seen on a television screen). Due to its bat-like wings, the Camera Badnik is also able to fly, allowing it to help spy on people easier. Like most other Badniks, the Camera Badnik is rather weak, and once destroyed the signal from it will be lost.


  • Due to its bat-like appearance and appearing alongside Batbrains, the Camera Badnik could possibly be a variant of Batbrain, although this has not been officially confirmed.