Calorie kun vs. Moguranian

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Calorie kun vs. Moguranian
Developer Graphic Techno EW
Publisher Sega
Release date Japan August 1986
Genre Action
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Unique
Monitor Raster
Input 4-way Joystick

Calorie kun vs. Moguranian is an action game, developed by Graphic Techno EW plus Nasco and published by Sega for Arcade machines in 1986. In this game, players help an egg named Calorie-kun to recover all the food from the Fruit Kingdom stolen by Moguranian's mole gang.

Eating fruit is an essential move to finish the stages, however, by eating too much, Calorie-kun becomes fat and unable to move on his own or even explode, causing the player to lose a life. By not eating fruit for long periods, Calorie-kun becomes thinner but slower until the calorie bar is completely depleted, also making the player lose a life as well. The game also allows Calorie-kun to defeat Moguranian's gang with explosives. This can be done by pressing the BOMB button, which has a limited supply (maximum of 9), or by blowing them into missiles, bombs, and mines at their side by pressing the LOST button (not every enemy can be affected by his blows). Enemies can also be crushed with boulders, but so can Calorie-kun himself.

A Bonus Stage can also be played after clearing a certain number of stages.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カロリーくん vs モグラニアン
Karoriikun vs Moguranian
Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian


  • While Nasco does not appear in the title screen alongside Sega's copyright line, their mention can be seen right in the flyer.

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