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Developer Cyclone System
Publisher Taito
Platform(s) Sega Genesis
Release date USA April 1992
South Korea 199X
Asia 1992
Genre Action
Mode(s) 1 player
2 players (simultaneously)
Sega Genesis / 32x:
ROM Cartridge
Sega Genesis / CD / 32x:

Cadash is an action RPG game, originally developed and published by Taito for Arcade machines in 1990. In this game, one or more players can control four different classes of Japanese RPG characters in order to rescue Princess Salassa, from the kingdom of Dirzar, at the hands of Balrog, who wants to marry her. Each character has different attributes, varying from attack, defense, speed, and magic powers. By fighting enemies, players can get Gold to buy better equipment, healing items and rest inside Inns.

Taito brought Cadash to the Sega Genesis in 1992, courtesy of Cyclone System. The game suffered from several cutouts, such as the Time mechanic being dropped out, the Priestess and Ninja classes not being available, and a limited number of continues. The level-up system is also tweaked to being more harder for the Fighter and Mage classes to level up by slaying enemies. While not released in Japan, Europe, Australia, and Brazil, Taito released the game in Southeast Asia, which allows the game to be played on Japanese and Korean Mega Drive systems, thanks to their cartridge tab on the left side. Samsung also brought Cadash to South Korea as well.

Unlike the Arcade and TurboGrafx-16 versions, the Genesis version was not re-released since its debut date.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Korean 카다쉬
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