Blow Away Chain Chomp!

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Blow Away Chain Chomp!
Blow Away Chain Chomp.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Playable character(s) Wario
Info Blow away Chain Chomp with a Wario Waft! You lose if Wario falls of the stage.
Controls +Control Pad Move
A Button Use Wario Waft
Time limit 45 seconds

Blow Away Chain Chomp! is a mini-game played in Blizland in the Adventure Tours mode of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo DS. The playable character is Wario, who has to make a Chain Chomp fall off a square-shaped platform.


The mini-game gives Wario 45 seconds to blow the Chain Chomp off the platform. To do so, Wario has to use his Wario Waft ability, accomplished by pressing A Button, to push back the Chain Chomp until it falls off the platform. If Chain Chomp touches Wario, he flies off in a very short distance. If the time expires or Wario falls off the stage, Wario loses at the mini-game, but once Chain Chomp falls off the platform, Wario wins.