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Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
First appearance Sonic the Comic Issue 5 (1993)
Species origin Arachnid
Variant of Prime Badnik

Arachbot, or Arach-Bot, is a character who made their only appearance in the fifth issue of Sonic the Comic. It is an eight-legged Prime Badnik who resembles a spider (hence its name), although its legs seemed more like the tentacles of an octopus.


Arachbot was the leader of the Badniks in the Labyrinth Zone, a vast network of underground tunnels that they have recently constructed under half of planet Mobius. It was a Prime Badnik, meaning that it was a pure robot without an organic battery inside its metallic casing.

Arachbot kidnapped Tails in the Green Hill Zone and dragged him underground into the Labyrinth Zone. He was accompanied on this mission by a pair of Aquis Badniks. On Doctor Robotnik's orders, Arachbot intended to turn Tails into a Badnik by re-inserting him into his old Robofox exoskeleton (although Arachbot claimed that he would prefer to simply kill Tails).

Sonic and his friends followed Arachbot and destroyed the two Aquis badniks. After a flood broke loose in the Labyrinth Zone, Arachbot would then be destroyed by Sonic when he covered the water Arachbot was in with oil from the Robofox suit, and used the flames from said suit to set both the water and Arachbot ablaze.